The College is inaugurated to:

  • » Enlighten, train and raise learners to be dedicated, highly qualified experts in the application of science and technology for economic development.
  • » Engage best practices in the discovery, and application of science & engineering principles in the integration and transformation of scientific and technological knowledge.
  • » Teach students practical-based knowledge application in science and technology research through SIWES, SWEP and series of laboratory sessions.
  • » Promote a life of learning and stewardship towards improving humanity, nature and natural resources.
  • » Maximize students’ potential to think critically and communicate rightly in any chosen endeavour.
  • » Serve as a professional and an education resource centre through consultancy and service-based community programs.
  • » Become a contributor of cutting-edge science and technological findings that will make history through collaborations, scholarship and professionalism.

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